Connecting To The Private Servers Starring KillTrocity

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Connecting To The Private Servers Starring KillTrocity

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 14, 2011 7:15 am

How To Connect To A Private Server Using Hamachi


1.Install Hamachi Click Here To Download

2. In Your Hamachi You Are Able To See The Word Network (Located In The Upper Corner Of The Program)

3.Input In The ID The ID Of The Server And The Password (Recommended ID:KillTrocity Or KillTrocity1 To KillTrocity10 Password:123 For All)

4.Sign Up To The ServerThe Sing up link And Play The link

5.Finished You're Connected

Remember : You Cannot Connect To The Website If You Are Not Connected To The Hamachi So Please Connect

Comment Of PPLS:It's Real Simple It's Real Easy I've Checked All The Checkmarks In The CheckBoxes[/b][/color]


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